Monday, April 17, 2006

Geting It Done

When it comes to reporting news, you have to start somewhere and you must assume that the first news is an introduction as well.

Given that, I am also aware that to put to much weight on the openning attempts at reporting can be awkward and daunting. So much so, that one never gets started.

So I'll start with plumbing and move up - I hope. Plumbing flows south, but we need something uplifting. Nevertheless, our plumbing at the Fellowship of Joy has been in a state of clog with brief periods of unclog. we hope to do something about that this Saturday, April 22 at 8 A.M. It's not too inspiring, I know, but you are invited to show up and lend a hand with a shovel or some other clean-up task.

It's a Workday.

In case you don't know the address it is 4141 N Fresno St - in Fresno at the corner of Hampton and Fresno between Ashlan and Dakota,

I am actualy excited about that AND ... about our Grafitti Abatement ministry in the community ( Read more at ) and our Angel Food Ministry - also at .

There is more than one way to spread the love of Jesus!

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