Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good Sunday

We had a wonderful Sunday of worship and fellowship at the Fellowship of Joy. As we celebrated communion together in both morning services (and will in the evening service in a little while), the Spirit of the Living God was with us and we sensed His presence. Attendance was good and the love of God was evident in our love for each other.

The word on our friend, Favius from Polecat Hollow can be found here - at least as much as I have written so far. I am in the process of melding two books together - "At Home in Polecat Hollow" and "The Confidence Factor." Pray for me.

I featured one of our members, Bill Tucker at the Entrepreneur's Table today. Read about it here:
Bill Tucker's New Blog.

One of my assignments is the help crystalize the vision and mission of our church for the purpose of presenting it in the community. Im do much of this in preaching. I will keep updating you on the process.

I hope to see many of you Wednesday at 6 PM at the Entreperneur's Table and others at Chasing Daylight at 7:15 PM.

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